We know that training on your own can be challenging. Here is a handy guide to help you along.

Warm ups
50 jumping jacks
10 squats
10 pushups
10 leg lifts
10 wrestlers
Shaolin 16 Hands and Kicks

Monday: Combinations – 1x each for different focus
high kicks
name your targets
challenge round: left side forward or reverse order

Tuesday: Chin Na – no partner
“Chin na dance” for speed
challenge round: have a friend call out random numbers to test you

Wednesday: Taolu Lohans – 1x each for different focus
high kicks
name your targets
challenge round: talk your way through partnered version

Thursday: Empty hand forms
Se Meng T’ao Lian
Fei Hu Chu Tung
T’ai Peng Sin Kun
Lohan Ch’ien

Friday: 6 Sweeps and Ippons
practice both sides, no partner
talk your way through both sides

Saturday: Physical test! Time yourself.

All of the above. Also, this is a great time to get your spreadsheets going.

Options for daily practice:
Choose 1-3 upper belt forms and practice 5 times each. Pick a different set of forms each day.

Do as many forms as you can in 20 minutes, no breaks no repeats.

Choose 1-3 forms to practice super slo-mo, maxing out your stances.

TAI CHI – 20-30 minutes/day
Monday: Focus on your breathing. Feel the body expand and contract with each breath.

Tuesday: Focus on your footwork. Where is your weight, how and when do you pivot or step?

Wednesday: All about the waist. Connect lower body with upper via the waist and hips. Get loose!

Thursday: Inner vision. Practice with eyes closed or unfocused.

Friday: Play with speed. Try light and lively. Try super slo-mo. How slow can you go? How does that feel?

Saturday: Empty the mind. Just feel whatever is happening and let go of gripping and control.