We started our school in 2008 with a handful of students in a park. Then we enjoyed 13 years in a wonderful training space, watching our small school grow. Now we are post-pandemic and circumstances have necessitated a return to the small and mobile format. See our classes page for current offerings, locations, and rates. The Rose Garden will be the best place to come meet us and chat in person. Otherwise, drop us an email:

Charles Shepard – yang@ascensionmartialarts.com
Robin Dahlberg – yin@ascensionmartialarts.com

Charles Shepard has dedicated over four decades to his martial art studies. He has trained in 16 major systems and earned five black belts (two 3rd degree black belts) and a 2nd Degree Black Sash in the internal arts. In 2013, he was inducted into the Masters Hall of Fame. Charles believes in the functionality of all material and his quest led him to Shaolin kung fu. His philosophy is learn it, know it, live it.

Robin Dahlberg has spent over 20 years training in kung fu and earned the rank of 4th degree black belt. She is also a member of the Pacific Association of Women Marital Artists and was selected to teach at the 2014 and 2018 camps. Robin considers herself a student first and has gone on to study other aspects of physical training including yoga, CrossFit, and meditation. Her training emphasis is on details, awareness, and keeping a sustainable practice.

Johnathan Ho started kung fu bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at the age of eight, and spent the next fourteen years studying and training to obtain a 2nd degree black belt. He understands the growing process that comes with the dedication to martial arts, especially as a child or teen. He self-identifies as a "bridge between the adult and kid world," which is why he revels in being an instructor for the adult program as well as the head instructor for the Junior Warriors program. Always upbeat and playful, he can get kids and adults alike to wear a smile while still fostering a disciplined environment. Be prepared to work hard and laugh well in his classes.