T’ai Chi is the perfect complement to kung fu or any other highly active practice. By balancing yin and yang energies, we create harmony within, improving our health and well-being. Our main focus is to give the student tools for better living through T’ai Chi principles. Each classes covers a variety of topics including balance, posture, flow, strength, effective and efficient body mechanics, proprioception, and overall awareness.

The building of these principles is slow-going compared to almost any other type of training. We move slow at first, in order to develop body awareness. Each movement is designed to give a greater understanding of what our bodies can do. As our skill increases, so does the body’s strength, flexibility and fluidity. A skilled internal martial artist seems impervious to heavy contact, supple as a willow, able to swim through air as a fish darts through water. They move as light as a feather to escape and grow as heavy as a mountain when they are grabbed.

Our T’ai Chi program includes the following;

  • Meditation
  • Chi Kung, including the Eight Brocades
  • T’ai Chi Ch’uan, including Yang and Chen styles
  • Applications
  • Push Hands
  • Weapons, including iron fan, straight sword and more.
Internal kung fu training takes a great deal of patience. Gaining skill is slow and tedious at first, but with determination and awareness you will feel the difference. External kung fu teaches skills for combat from the very beginning. Internal stylists, however, believe it is better to know oneself first, before taking on an opponent. “The true measure of T’ai Chi skill is not done in a few breaths, it is measured in decades.”