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Classes grouped without space between
equals one registration/zoom link

If it’s on a separate line, it’s a separate registration.

6:00-7:00pm     Advanced T’ai Chi
7:00-7:50pm     T’ai Chi – All Levels

8:00-9:00pm     Iaido

Tuesdays & Thursdays
12:00-12:45pm     T’ai Chi – All Levels

5:00-5:30pm     Junior Warriors – white/yellow/orange
5:30-6:00 pm    Junior Warriors – purple through brown

6:30-7:00pm     Kung Fu – white/yellow
7:00-7:30pm     Kung Fu – blue/green
7:30-8:00pm     Kung Fu – brown/black

12:00-12:45pm     Fit45*

6:30-7:50pm     Women’s Kung Fu
8:00-9:00pm     Yin Yoga

10:00-10:50am     T’ai Chi

11:00-12:00pm     Kung Fu – brown/black
12:00-12:50pm     Kung Fu – lower belts

1:00-2:00pm         Junior Warriors – all levels

* Fit45 is a 45 minute fitness class. We do a short warm up, then continue warming up while learning or review some movements, then do a 12-15 minute high energy, all body-weight workout. We close out with yoga-inspired strength building and stretching. Join us!

How Do I Join the Class?

  1. Download Zoom to your device and create a login. It’s free.
  2. Pay for a class subscription or drop in fee here.
  3. Click on one of the above classes to register. Please register early to be sure you get the confirmation email which will contain your class password.

Make sure you have some room to move. We will make adaptations as needed for whatever material we are working on. Bring a spirit of creativity and adventure with you to class! Please be sure to position your device so that we can see as much of you as possible.

How Will Classes Work?

Our in-person classes depend on who is present and how they are moving. We create the lesson plan on the spot.

To maximize our time in the video format, our Monday T’ai Chi (2 hours), Junior Warrior (60 min), and Kung Fu (90 min) sessions are rolling classes. This means one “meeting” online, but students can enter or exit as appropriate to their level, according to the times above. We encourage all students to attend lower level times to keep all of their material fresh!

Please note that we will not be including workouts in the Kung Fu classes. We want to use this valuable time to focus on material, but can certainly give workout assignments for you to tackle on your own. We also encourage you to join us for Fit45! (See above for description).

Do kung fu students wear their uniforms? Yes! We want to stay in the spirit of a regular class. Plus, your uniform knows things…

Thank you all for your patience, adaptability, and support!


Any one program – only $50/month
Junior Warriors • Kung Fu • T’ai Chi • Yin Yoga • Fit 45

Any two programs – $75/month
Fit 45 is free with any one program! When you purchase one program, you will automatically be eligible for Fit45.

Drop in – $10/class

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Private video lessons are also available for $50/hour. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.

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