full mural

About Our Mural

In late 2016/early 2017, we decided we needed to enliven our wall as well as draw more attention to our school. We frequently use bamboo in our school images – for us, it symbolizes versatility, strength, flexibility, and the potential for rapid growth. But Sifu Robin knew we would need more for the design, so after some research, she chose a Qilin to help us out. Working with Paul J. Gonzalez and the help of our community, we brought the mural to life in May and June of 2017.

What is a Qilin?

A Qilin (chee-lin) is a chimera – a dazzling and mythical combination of multiple animals. It is known in Chinese and other East Asian cultures and can represent prosperity, serenity, or can even herald the arrival or departure of a wise ruler. It is often shown with hooves, antlers, scales, and fire all over its body. Ours is an original design by Sifu Robin, and we hope that in addition to its many wonderful traits, it will also bring in new students. Check out our programs above and stop by any time we are open!